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For School American Education Partners supports the efforts of American schools to internationalize their campuses by providing a simple, well-rounded and risk-free international student recruiting service.

Why Choose SAGIP ?

Greater global exposure - SAGIP promotes your institution to a large network of licensed and reputable advisors and school placement agencies in over 80 countries.
It's simple – SAGIP delivers completed applications from pre-qualified students.
It's easy! - Reduce time and effort in international student application processing by working with SAGIP's.-based advising and placement staff.
It's risk-free - No enrolled students means absolutely no cost to your program.
No need to invest in advertising, lead-generation, or SEO marketing plans that require upfront investments of money and staff resources, but have uncertain results.
Click on the FAQs link above to learn more about the SAGIP program and how we can become a valuable part of your international student recruiting strategies.

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