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Message from Director It is our privilege to work as the bridge between the top ranked US Universities and the brilliant students throughout the globe. We are working to make conducive environment for meeting appropriate students and universities focusing US academia. In the meantime, US top ranked Universities are looking for brilliant and dilligent students to enroll for their academics programs while the capable students from global market are eyeing to the US Universities. Sagip Consultants is standing between the Universities and students as a facilitator and career guide for both of the academic stakeholders.
We highly appreciate the interest of the students connecting to us for getting our services. Similarly, US top ranked Universities are much appreciated for trusting us as the academic stakeholder. Sagip claims itself as one of the unique name among the numbers of educational service providers in the market cause we provide relevant services with the approaches of all categories of the students those are interested in enrolling to the US Universities.
Apart from the student guidance and enrollment facilitation, Sagip is actively involving in Cultural Exchange for adolescent (students between 12-18 years), university tour proram for potential students, training and capacity enhancement program for entrepreneurs, teachers and professionals.
We encourage the interested students, guardians and professionals from the global market to be in contact with Sagip for exploring further opportunities as per the requirement. Our all programs are executed in US.
Your suggestions, queries and concerns are welcome!

Youba Bhatta

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